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Breach of contract case leaves you wanting more, chocolate

Almost anyone has a favorite movie-goer snack. Maybe you are just a classic popcorn and Cherry Coke lover. Then there are those that have to have some candy to go with their salty treat. While M & Ms are likely a most popular candy choice, there are the standouts among candy lovers who enjoy a good box of Raisinets.

What do I do if faced with a construction defect? Pt. 1

In the past on this blog, we have discussed the legal matter of construction defects in California. A defect can impact the usability and safety of commercial and residential properties. They are a matter of safety but also a matter of business and construction law.

What are leasing basics everyone should understand? Pt. 2

In our past post we began a discussion about the real estate issue of leasing law. The laws of leasing impact people on various levels. There are renters of residential properties and commercial properties. Then, there are the landlords or owners of those properties.