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What consumer protection laws do businesses have to respect?

A prior post introduced the business law matter of unfair practices and unfair competition in business. In California and nationally, businesses have to abide by certain standards, even if violating the standards might make it easier to sell a product. 

What do I need to tell about property I am selling? Pt. 2

This post continues a real estate conversation we began in a prior post on our blog. This is the common time of year when people get the itch to either buy or sell property. Therefore, it is timely to discuss real estate law matters that might impact your life. 

California doctor selling controversial, "drinkable" skin product

California is known as the land of the sun and the sea. Millions live and visit here for the weather alone. It is a beautiful place we live in. Those of us who live in the sunshine during most of the year understand how important an everyday sunscreen routine is. Is drinking your sunscreen a routine you would adopt?

What do I need to tell about property I am selling? Pt. 1

The world of real estate can be equally exciting as it is complicated. Usually when many of us are buying or selling a home, there is some sort of time rush pushing the process along. Despite time limitations, however, it is not okay to disregard the various details of real estate law.