Giuliani heading for complex property division proceedings

Many California readers may already be aware of how challenging divorce can be. For instance, if a complex property division problem arises, litigation may be necessary to obtain a fair and satisfactory solution. Such may wind up being the case for the former mayor Rudy Giuliani as he prepares for his third divorce. 

His current wife has reportedly announced that she no longer wishes to be married to him. It has been suggested that achieving a settlement may not be without complication because she and her husband are not on the same page regarding their marital assets. The couple currently owns properties jointly in several locations, including Palm Beach. Squabbling over assets often delays the settlement process and prompts concerned spouses to seek outside legal support.

It is not the first time either of these particular spouses has negotiated a divorce settlement as both have been married twice before. While they have no biological children between them, each has children from previous relationships, which, as those who have gone through similar experiences in the past understand, can complicate the settlement process. The former mayor of New York City said he hopes to resolve all property issues and other divorce-related matters amicably, and he also intends to do whatever he can to protect his children's privacy.  

California marital property laws are among a minority in the nation as it is one of only nine states that operates under community property laws. This means marital property is split 50/50 in divorce. Complex property division issues are often easier to resolve if those involved secure experienced legal support.  

Source: Newsweek, "Who Is Judith Giuliani? Wife Walks Out on Former New York Mayor Rudy", Harriet Sinclair, April 5, 2018

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