Disney and others to receive $62.4 million re business litigation

Many California business owners are currently facing copyright problems that will likely prompt lawsuits. Business litigation can be a complicated matter, especially when it comes to intellectual property rights, patents, copyrights and other issues. Iconic superpower Disney and several other companies were recently awarded more than $62 million in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

A jury determined that a video-filtering company violated Disney's copyright, as well as numerous other Hollywood companies. VidAngel reportedly made copies of Disney films and charged customers $1 per movie to stream. Plaintiffs argued that VidAngel often made movies available to its customers before legitimate streaming companies such as Netflix acquired the films. 

VidAngel is popular with customers who place family-friendly viewing as a high priority. The company offers filtering services that removes objectionable language or other potentially offensive viewing material from movies. It has been in business for approximately five years. There has been a lot of conjecture as to whether VidAngel can survive the recent financial recovery ruling. In fact, the company already has filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding.

A high-asset company like Disney is certainly represented by experienced attorneys when heading to court for business litigation. Even in situations when less than millions of dollars are at stake, it pays to have a skilled attorney by one's side when pursuing litigation, especially on a copyright issue. VidAngel's CEO has announced that it plans to appeal the court's recent ruling. Any business person in California or beyond who happens to be facing similar legal problems can request a consultation with a business law attorney at any time.

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