Breach of contract case leaves you wanting more, chocolate

Almost anyone has a favorite movie-goer snack. Maybe you are just a classic popcorn and Cherry Coke lover. Then there are those that have to have some candy to go with their salty treat. While M & Ms are likely a most popular candy choice, there are the standouts among candy lovers who enjoy a good box of Raisinets.

One such candy lover lives in California and, some might think, is taking her taste for the chocolate covered raisins to a surprising level. She is suing the maker of the sweet treat for breach of contract. How could a box of candy lead to business litigation?

Well, the consumer basically alleges that Nestle misrepresents what the company is selling in its boxes of Raisinets. In case you are not familiar with the product, the chocolate-covered raisins come in an opaque, yellow box. According to the plaintiff, she believes the size of the box suggests there will be more of the sweet treat inside. Instead, Nestle only fills the box to about 60 percent capacity. 

The plaintiff clearly believes she has faced loss as a result of this alleged misrepresentation or "fraud." Sources do not state the exact result or amount in damages she is looking for through the breach of contract litigation

This California breach of contract case might seem silly to some. What does a box of Raisinets cost anyway, about $2? Still, every case has a unique story behind it. There is also a greater, important legal matter at the root of the complaint. Businesses should be held accountable to deliver what they promise.

If you believe you have been cheated by a business, take your concerns to a business litigation lawyer who can evaluate your unique situation.

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