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What to do if a neighbor invades your boundaries

A property dispute often starts with a small action. A neighbor decides to put up a new fence that is pushing onto your property, or a tree on your property has a branch that hangs over your neighbor’s yard. Both actions are small but have enormous consequences.

Both situations are common in boundary disputes. Essentially, one neighbor crosses the property lines, and it leads to a heavily litigated case where the court determines the boundaries of each property through deeds, arguments and what’s fair based on the circumstances.

It is son versus father in a contentious business litigation case

Joel Marcus lives in California and happens to be a real estate tycoon who is credited for creating biotech hubs of commercial science lab properties in various regions of the United States. He is founder of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, which has a current market value of approximately $14 billion. Marcus is also currently entangled in a bitter business litigation situation involving his son.

The younger Marcus lives abroad. In fact, he has been developing a new company of his own, which reportedly prompted Alexandria Real Estate Equities to file a lawsuit against him. The claim states that Steven Marcus misused his father's corporation name and logo to help promote a rival real estate company overseas.

California health insurer navigating business litigation

Nowadays, many health insurance companies get into legal skirmishes with medical providers. Business litigation is often necessary when disagreements arise regarding health plans and costs insurers should pay to belong to a particular network. One of the largest health insurers in California, Anthem Blue Cross, is currently at odds over contract issues with Sutter Health, a situation which is causing many enrollees much stress.

Sutter Health has approximately 5,000 physicians in its network, operating out of 24 hospitals in Northern California. If the two sides do not come to an agreement, patients may be forced to pay higher prices for out-of-network care. This possibility has caused great concern for a man and his wife, whose job as a university professor provides their Anthem Blue Cross plan.

Are you in need of construction law support?

Many California homeowners and business owners alike understand how complex construction regulations can be. From negotiating, executing and reviewing a contract, signing parties may run into construction law obstacles that are difficult to resolve. If you're currently facing problems associated with contract terminology, scope of work issues or payment disputes, you may want to discuss your situation with someone adept at handling construction and contract-related legal issues.

It can be quite frustrating to have new construction done only to find a defect after completion. There are two sides to this issue. Whether you are the homeowner or the contractor, your chances of obtaining a swift and agreeable solution to your problem are greater if you act alongside experienced legal representation. 

In which family law category do pet disputes in divorce belong?

California spouses filing paperwork to end their marriages in 2019 likely understand that the process ahead may include some serious challenges. Especially if children are involved, numerous issues must be negotiated and resolved before a fair and agreeable settlement can be achieved. What about pets? In divorce, should disputes over a cat, dog or other animal be resolved as custody issues or in property division proceedings?

In this state, former Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law before he left office. The new law includes a set of guidelines for judges to use to determine what is best for a pet in a particular divorce situation, making such issues a matter of custody. In fact, many states are beginning to consider such matters custody issues rather than property division topics as was the custom in the past.

Child custody battle brewing between Jenelle Evans and her ex

Jenelle Evans is a familiar name in many California households, especially those that include fans of the reality TV show "Teen Mom." Evans and her fellow cast members are gearing up for their second season, which in her case, may be clouded by child custody problems she is currently facing regarding her ex boyfriend and her son. The child was reportedly staying with his father for a weekend visit when problems arose.

It is understandable that a parent would be concerned if he or she were to witness an injury on a child. That's what Nathan Griffith, the father of Evans's son, says happened during one of his visits with his child. He also reportedly notified police that he had found bruises on his son.

Estate planning steps to consider for the New Year

The start of a New Year is a time for people to make resolutions for the coming year and start new positive habits. Many in California may decide to do things like get healthy in 2019, get more organized or meet certain career goals. It can also be beneficial for a person to consider his or her estate planning needs, whether that is drafting a plan or adjusting existing plans.

Many who do not have an estate plan delay in taking this important step because it is not necessary, when in fact, it can be a smart step for almost everyone. Regardless of age, health, wealth or income level, a basic estate planning step that can benefit everyone is drafting a will. This allows a person to decide what will happen to his or her assets and wealth after death.

Former business partners now engaged in business litigation

Entrepreneurial partnerships are often risky business. California business owners who take on partners are wise to write out the terms of their agreements in a thorough and well-defined manner. It is also a top priority to make certain that any and all who are signing a partnership contract clearly understand the obligations and responsibilities set therein. If a partner breaches an agreement, business litigation may result.

That's the gist of an ongoing situation in another state. Two men worked together in a company they co-launched, called Smashing Boxes. Sometime later, the company entered a contract with another business known as Futures. It seems that Futures hired Smashing Boxes to develop and deploy a mobile job search application and also to design its new website.

California property division: Things to know before divorce

Deciding that a marriage is over is an intensely personal decision. Such a decision often leads to divorce and property division proceedings. It is always a good idea to learn about the ins and outs of such proceedings in California ahead of time, rather than possibly facing unexpected surprises in court.  

A basic factor that determines how the court will divide marital assets between spouses in divorce is the court's location. Most states operate under equitable property division rules, which means a judge overseeing a case will determine a fair, though perhaps not equal, division of property. Nine states, however, including California, operate under community property rules, which means all marital assets are typically split 50/50 in divorce.  

Negotiation and litigation issues regarding construction law

Whether you're a California homeowner or contractor, you may currently be facing problematic issues related to a construction contract. Construction law can be quite complex, and when problems arise, it is critical to know where to seek legal support, as needed. It is also beneficial to have someone well versed in this area of law on hand to review a proposed contract before it is signed in order to protect your interests.

Precise, clear language is crucial toward successful contract relationships. If one or more parties do not clearly understand the terms contained in a contract, it can lead to serious legal problems down the line. This is why it is always a good idea to ask an experienced attorney to go over a contract with you before signing.

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