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NBA retiree will be paying less child support now

After a 14-plus-year career in the NBA, Matt Barnes retired in 2017. He also got divorced from the mother of his two sons. He recently welcomed another son into the world in his current relationship with model Anansa Sims. As many California parents can relate, Barnes told the court that he could no longer afford to pay child support according to the existing terms of his agreement.  

The court often considers retirement, income changes, new births and other life-changing events as legitimate reasons to request modification of an existing child support plan. In Barnes's case, he had been paying $20,000 per month for the two sons he shares with his ex. As it turns out, the judge overseeing his case agreed to lower the payments to $7,500 per month, which some say has angered the boys' mother.  

Workers hired to replace strikers pursuing business litigation

Many hospitality workers in California and across the country have been following a situation that began when thousands of hotel workers, bartenders and others walked off their jobs to protest numerous issues in their contracts. More than 2,000 Marriott hotel employees started a strike that lasted two months. The workers recently agreed to go back to work after their contract was ratified. However, the workers who had been hired by the hotel to replace the strikers have now filed business litigation of their own.

The initial strike began in October. The key factors prompting the workers' discontent were wages, job security and health care coverage. A union spokesperson recently stated that the new, hard-fought contract will hopefully set a new standard in all Marriott hotels and others throughout the United States.

Monster Energy company involved in 2 business litigation cases

Monster Energy drinks are popular across the country. However, the company has been involved in business litigation; one claim recently ended in a victory for the energy drink mogul, while another was filed against the company by a celebrity surfer. The case that just ended was pending in a federal district court in California. Monster was awarded a $5 million jury verdict against Supply Network, LLC for trademark infringement. 

Supply Network manufactures hardware tools and accessories. Monster filed the trademark infringement claim after the other company named a new line of products, "Monster Mobile," and used a green and black color scheme in its marketing campaigns. Monster presented a list of trademark infringements to the court, and the jury agreed that Supply Network had infringed upon Monster Energy's trademark.

What exactly does a power of attorney do?

Life is fragile and when a loved one is experiencing health complications, others are needed to carry the load and communicate with caretakers and legal entities. Going through this type of situation is often stressful and requires a new understanding of how to be involved and ensure your loved one gets the help they need. There are many types of decisions families face after a tragic accident has incapacitated a person or elderly complications set in.

Perhaps your loved one is in a fragile state of health and needs to rely on someone else to make conscious decisions. You will need the legal authority to make those decisions on their behalf. A power of attorney is a legal privilege granted when you take leadership in this area.

Typical childhood reactions parents can expect in divorce

When two California parents decided to end their marriage, it is not only the couple themselves but children and other extended family members who are affected by the decision. Children react to divorce in many different ways, often depending on the age of the child but also due to the unique personality of each child. Parents who learn as much as they can about typical childhood reactions to such situations may be better able to provide encouragement and support to their kids.  

The teenage years are often a tenuous time in a child's life to begin with; learning that parents are getting divorced may intensify the challenges already being encountered during adolescence. A parent should not be surprised if a teenage son or daughter becomes rebellious after learning that his or her parents are ending their marriage. On the other hand, it is also a typical reaction for teenagers to become quite introverted or to distance themselves from their families while they try to process their emotions.  

Woman blows up her wedding dress after divorce

There is no one way to come to terms with a marriage falling apart. Such situations often lead to divorce, and every California couple handles their circumstances in their own way. A woman in another state decided she wanted to celebrate the ending of her marriage, so she invited her family and friends to join her for a party at her father's farm; she also blew up her wedding dress.  

The woman said she wanted to do something big that would signify her relief that her unhappy marriage was finally over. Most agree that she indeed finalized her divorce in a big way. During the party, she set her wedding gown out in a field, 200 yards from where she stood, and laden the gown with high-powered explosives; then, she shot it.

Transit workers' contract issues may prompt business litigation

Many California residents use the public transportation system as a regular means of travel. Transit companies are typically under contract with a particular city. If a business litigation situation arises -- for instance, if a contract dispute occurs -- it may not only directly affect the workers themselves but may also impact the general public that uses the system.

There reportedly has been trouble brewing between transit workers and city officials in another state. Things got heated at a recent council meeting where transit workers who were present were given an opportunity to express their opinions regarding current contract problems they are having with the city. Some of the workers publicly stated that they are prepared to strike if the issues are not resolved.

Jesse Williams ordered to pay more than $50,000 in child support

California fans of the popular TV show "Grey's Anatomy" are familiar with one of the show's stars, Jesse Williams. Although he has captured the hearts of fans in this state and throughout the nation, Williams has been going through a rough child support and custody battle with his former wife. Some empathizing parents across the nation say Williams is definitely getting the short end of the stick.

Williams currently shells out more than $100,000 per month, with $50,629 in child support and the rest as a spousal support payment. Williams reportedly earns an income of more than half a million dollars per month. His ex has made some concerning allegations against him. For one thing, she says when they were married Williams never made getting the kids to school on time a priority.

Estate planning essentials you should not be without

You may already know how important it is to have an estate plan, but do you know everything that should be included in your plan? Since the future is unpredictable, it is important to create a comprehensive estate plan to make sure your family and your final wishes are taken care of.

A will is just one part of an estate plan that everyone is aware of and will usually want to complete. But an estate plan is much more than a last will and testament. You will want to make sure that you are securing your financial future and protecting your loved ones by having an estate plan that includes the following.

Business litigation: Saks Fifth Avenue sued by Cartier

Saks Fifth Avenue has been around for a long time. Most luxury shoppers in California are familiar with the high-end retailer, whose flagship store is located in the Northeastern part of the country. The business litigation involves a claim made by Cartier, another high-end company known for its jewelry and watches.

Cartier reportedly got upset when Saks underwent a renovation project. In its claim, Cartier states that not only were its luxurious jewels and watches relocated to a section of the newly designed store that doesn't get much traffic, the products were also covered in dust during construction. Cartier requested that Saks relocate its line to a prominent location in the new store, as having a front-and-center position is more typical when stores stock their luxury items.

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