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NBA player's logo is key factor in business litigation case

National Basketball Association fans in California are no doubt familiar with Kawhi Leonard, whose team is preparing to face the Golden State Warriors in the finals this year. Leonard is also facing a legal issue in his private life that basketball enthusiasts hope does not interfere with his game on the court. Athletic sportswear and equipment mogul Nike is also involved in the business litigation situation.

Leonard reportedly filed a lawsuit against the sports shoe icon. He claims that he designed a logo for which Nike has fraudulently obtained a copyright. The claim was filed in a Southern California U.S. District Court.

What are the requirements for ending a domestic partnership?

It’s unlikely that you thought of how to end a registered domestic partnership when you entered the relationship. That’s okay since the start of any relationship like a domestic partnership is often the happiest and how to terminate it may not cross your mind.

California changed their laws for domestic partnerships in 2005, including how to end them. A few of the requirements include:

Jenelle Evans makes headlines again re child custody issues

Many MTV fans in California and across the country have followed the daily life saga of former "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans. MTV did not renew Evans' contract and also fired David Eason, the man to whom Evans is now married. The young mother of three is once again trying to regain child custody of her kids. This time, her spouse has also lost custody of his own 11-year-old daughter.

An incident reportedly occurred some time ago where Eason shot Evans' dog. He said the dog had bitten one of the kids and he believes his actions were appropriate, given the situation. The court apparently disagreed, saying Evans failed to protect the two of her three children who were living with her at the time.

Book author says divorce typically occurs for 2 reasons

Before 2019 ends, many people in California and elsewhere will decide to divorce. In some situations, a spouse might file for an uncontested divorce. Other cases are more complicated, which may lead to litigation. Regardless of the details of a particular couple's history, it pays to know where to seek support to help make a marital breakup as painless as possible.

Protecting one's interests in divorce is a lot easier if the spouse in question knows exactly what he or she wants, as well as what he or she (and any children involved) might need moving forward. The author of a book on marital relationships stated that most marriages end for two reasons -- either a spouse does not know what he or she wants or cannot adequately express it. Whether there is truth to this conjecture is debatable, though knowing what one wants and being able to express it can help a spouse obtain a beneficial divorce settlement. 

Project delayed while construction law issues are resolved

Many California residents can understand why a community might feel frustrated if a demolition/construction project that was scheduled to be complete in a year was left unfinished. Construction law problems can arise that cause serious delays on a job site. That appears to be the problem in another state where real estate developers have stifled payments on a contract they say has fallen way behind schedule.

An old hospital building was supposed to be demolished so that a new apartment complex could be built on the site. Developers say they have paid more than $1 million so far but refuse to issue any additional payments because the work is not being done according to the terms of the agreement. The contractor is accused of making false statements in calling the project 90% complete.

Instagram post sparks business litigation for Ariana Grande

When the average person in California uploads a photograph on Instagram, it is highly unlikely it will draw the attention of millions of viewers, unless it happens to go viral for some reason. When the Instagram user is a pop music star, it is not only common but probable that a photograph of interest will get millions of "likes." Ariana Grande, one of the world's leading contemporary music artists, is currently entangled in business litigation regarding copyright issues on two photographs of herself that she apparently posted on the popular social media site. 

While some photographers might consider it a compliment if the subject of their photographs wants to share the images with others. In this case, however, the photographer is suing Grande for using two of the shots he took of her without his permission. His claim states that the photographs were registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and Grande had no right to post them on Instagram, even though she is the subject of the photos.

Where to seek support for California business litigation issues

Whether you're a sole proprietor or part of a large corporation, as a California business owner or executive, you have likely encountered numerous challenges within the scope of your work. Contracts, client relations, employee pay and benefits and other issues can often become central focuses of dispute. If you're unable to resolve such problems through out-of-court negotiations, you may seek the court's intervention through business litigation.

There's always a certain amount of risk in every business endeavor. Learning how to weigh the risk against the possible benefits of a particular business decision is par for the course in this industry. Having to litigate an issue you've been unable to resolve can be quite stressful. However, you do not have to go it alone in court; you can ask an experienced business law attorney to advocate on your behalf.

Divorce: Making the best of shared custody

When California spouses determine that their marital relationships are no longer sustainable, they typically face some important decisions. If divorce is part of the plan, parents must also resolve numerous issues concerning their children. In most cases, the court believes shared custody arrangements are best.

Learning to co-parent from separate households is a lot different than parenting together as a married couple. If parents disagree on a particular topic, they must be able to peacefully achieve a compromise; otherwise they might become entangled in a nasty legal battle. A willingness to cooperate and to amicably negotiate issues when disagreements arise can help parents avoid discord as they move on in life.

Estate planning: Reasons many people procrastinate

Are you one of many California residents who would prefer to talk about almost anything else rather than your own mortality? While it is true that the topic causes a lot of people to wince, it is also true that death is an unavoidable aspect of life. Avoidance of the topic is just one of several key issues that cause people to hesitate when it comes to estate planning.

In addition to simply not wanting to discuss such matters, many people put off planning their estates because they think they are too young or haven't acquired enough assets to worry about it. The reality is that once you're an adult, it is never too early to plan your estate. Also, while net worth and the types of assets you own may influence your decision to incorporate certain documents in an estate plan, the process is able to be customized to meet the needs of the wealthiest members of society as well as those who live by much simpler means.

How to protect your rights if real estate disputes arise

As a California property owner, any number of issues can arise that cause a legal concern. Real estate disputes can be quite stressful to resolve, especially if you are not fully aware of the regulations, building codes or state laws that may affect your situation. That's why it is critical to know where to seek legal support if you are facing a particularly difficult issue that you feel ill-equipped to handle on your own.

Disagreements are common between homeowners and homeowners association officials. Such issues often include accusations regarding mismanagement of funds or complaints over increased rates in dues or other fees. Carefully reviewing a contract before signing (especially the fine print) can be helpful in avoiding such problems down the line.

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