California doctor selling controversial, "drinkable" skin product

California is known as the land of the sun and the sea. Millions live and visit here for the weather alone. It is a beautiful place we live in. Those of us who live in the sunshine during most of the year understand how important an everyday sunscreen routine is. Is drinking your sunscreen a routine you would adopt?

Believe it or not, but a product has been on the market for a few years that its creator claims protects users from sun damage through merely drinking it. No lotion to slather on and then slather on again later. By drinking the product, one reportedly has essentially applied sunscreen protection. 

Of have they? Whether the product truly works is at the center of a consumer fraud lawsuit.

If the drinkable SPF sounds too good (or too odd) to be true, you are not alone in that argument. The California doctor behind the product is being sued. The lawsuit claims the product is a scam, earning its creator unsuspecting consumers' money and leaving those consumers' with a faulty product and vulnerable to sun damage. 

We at The Law Offices of Molsby & Bordner can't say whether the product is a fraud. What we can advise is this: Anyone who uses a product that promises one thing that not only doesn't deliver but causes harm, may not only have a fraud case but a product liability case, too. Imagine the damage someone could suffer to their skin by putting confidence in a sunscreen that doesn't work. Sunburn is the short-term harm, with the threat of cancer being a potential long-term danger. 

Are you suffering because of a faulty or dangerous product? Discuss your story with an attorney who will explain your options and help you navigate either a potential negotiation or litigation process.

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