Reasons people fear the estate planning process

If you dislike talking about the fact that you're going to die someday, you are no different than many other California residents and others throughout the nation. Some people avoid discussions about their own mortality as much as possible. This hesitation often leads to procrastination toward or all-out avoidance of the estate planning process.

There are several reasons someone might shy away from executing an estate plan. Lack of knowledge regarding the process or difficulty understanding legal terminology is often high on the list of issues that cause people to keep estate plans on the back burner. In fact, some people die without ever setting a formal plan in place, thus leading to immense challenges and stressful situations for their loved ones when the time comes to administer their estates.

There are also those who think the process of planning an estate is reserved for the wealthy. This is misguided information as the size of a particular estate doesn't matter when it comes to writing one's final wishes and instructions or designating heirs or appointees to act on one's behalf with regard to finances or medical decisions. An estate owner can customize a personal plan to suit any and all immediate needs and long-term goals involving personal assets or business interests.

At Molsby & Bordner, LLP, in California, our experienced legal team can help you make sure you have a say in what happens to your assets after your death. Executing a solid plan ahead of time can help your family avoid distress as many experience when no property or asset plan is in place. By relying on skilled assistance, you may be able to more easily overcome any obstacles that arise in the estate planning process.

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