Glen Campbell's children excluded as his heirs

Fans in California and around the world mourned the loss of country music great Glen Campbell following his courageous battle with Alzheimer's disease. A battle of another kind, however, has arisen after his death. Several of his older children have filed a lawsuit, requesting that the court recognize them as rightful heirs to a portion of their father's estate. 

Campbell's children say their dad's wife at the time of his death kept them from seeing their father when he was residing in a special facility for Alzheimer patients. His widow says she did nothing of the sort. She also mentioned that his oldest son neither called to ask about nor visited his father in the past 20 years.

Campbell's wife also stated that it is true the children were excluded from her husband's final will. She said her husband made that decision in 2002; she also said he had specific reasons for doing so. Campbell's estate is said to be worth $50 million.

As for Campbell's family, his widow says she is heartbroken to lose her husband and hurt that his children have wrongfully accused her of keeping them away from their dad (or influenced Campbell to keep them out of the will) but she plans to go on working as an Alzheimer's patient advocate to help bring something positive out of a sorrowful situation. When a decedent's children claim to be rightful heirs but there names are not listed in the existing estate plan as such, it often leads to a lengthy litigation process. Those in California facing such problems may want to rely on experienced estate planning attorneys for support.

Source:, "Glen Campbell's widow opens up about the family feud over his estate", Hunter Kelly, March 20, 2018

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