American space icon's intended heirs request legal guardianship

California baby boomers may be among those who remember watching TV news clips about astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his fellow space team members as they landed on the moon. Aldrin is living out his elder years at this time, which have sadly been negatively affected by a contentious battle with his intended heirs, specifically, one of his sons and his daughter. The two adult children say their father is mentally incapacitated and have therefore petitioned the court to appoint them as legal guardians.  

Aldrin's two children, along with his former business manager, have stated that the space hero's interests are at risk because he has begun to associate with people who are manipulating his decisions and trying to take advantage of him due to his incapacitated mental state. Aldrin has adamantly denied the allegations and further stated that there is no basis for the idea that his mental health is compromised. Due to his children's guardianship petition, however, he was recently scheduled to undergo several mental health examinations to determine whether he is able to act on his own behalf regarding his estate or any other personal medical or financial matters.  

Aldrin's children, both age 60, lamented the current state of their relationship with their father, saying they have the utmost respect and love for him and are merely trying to protect the legacy he has built for future generations. An attorney speaking on Aldrin's behalf said the situation amounts to a grown son telling his father he must not be in his right mind because he disagrees with his son's estate recommendations. Another adult child of Aldrin's also stands to inherit a portion of his estate but is not engaged with his siblings in the current legal proceedings against his father.  

Aldrin has filed a lawsuit against his two heirs as well, on grounds of elder exploitation. Sadly, the Aldrin family situation is not uncommon, as many California estate owners may attest. The good news is that there is immediate legal support available to anyone experiencing estate-related problems.

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