What does divorce mediation look like?

The divorce process can be difficult. Deciding to split with your spouse is a big decision that has a variety of effects. Divorce is often stressful and can take an emotional toll on both parties involved, as well as the lives of your children.

Mediation is one way to lessen the stress of divorce for you and your ex, and your children. It is an alternative that can help resolve a divorce calmly and cooperatively.

The process of mediation is different than regular divorce that goes to court. Here is a basic outline of what mediation looks like:

The mediator

A mediator will help you and your ex work out an agreement that is fair for both of you. These agreements may take some time but they are generally easier to execute than litigation. Mediators can help keep you focus and remedy disputes. They can help you think of ideas and resolutions and make decisions. They are there to work with both of you.


Similar to litigation, mediation involves discussing distribution of assets and other aspects of divorce. However, mediation is generally much calmer and makes agreements easier.

During mediation you will decide how to distribute your property. You can also discuss child custody and support. Other items of your life will also be considered such as retirement plans.


There are many benefits to mediation. Generally, mediation saves money, as hiring a mediator can be less expensive than going to court.

Mediation can also be beneficial to your children. The process can teach you how to work with your ex and is generally more peaceful. It can help you build a working relationship which will minimize disputes and make things easier on your children in the long run.

The process of mediation also can help you come to a more favorable agreement than litigation. In litigation a judge may not give you the deal you want, but mediation can help you reach a fair agreement with your spouse where you both get what you want.

Divorce is stressful, but mediation can help alleviate some of it. The process is less draining and can create a better outcome. If you are thinking of divorce, you may want to think of mediation as an alternative to litigation.

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