What is intellectual property, and what do IP laws cover?

There is all kind of work out there. There are all kinds of ways to earn a living. Maybe you are not a person who goes into an office from 9 to 5. Maybe you are a creative person -- an idea person -- and your ideas are what will support you and your family.

Intellectual property lawyers are crucial in the process of protecting the value of your ideas and creative work. IP law is a complicated area, and there are different options to protect IP depending on the materials you are dealing with. 

The following are the various issues that are covered under the umbrella of IP law:

Copyrights: Copyrights tend to protect artistic expressions. The most common example of this is writing, but art and music are other examples of creative works that can be protected through copyright rights.

Trademarks: Trademarks are generally symbols, words, phrases or designs that are connected to a business. Simple identifiers that make a business' brand are important to protect through trademark laws because those identifiers can make a business stand out.

Patents: Patents protect inventions, designs for inventions and some processes. You may be familiar with the idea of patents if you are one of the millions of viewers who enjoy Shark Tank on TV.

These are some mere basics about IP law. We will discuss these legal matters more in further posts. If you have a reason to protect your ideas, creative works, etc., don't hesitate to turn to an intellectual property lawyer who will prioritize the value of your creativity as soon as possible. 


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