Will Trump serve IP interests of the music industry?

With advancements in technology come benefits for the consumer, but there is also the other side of the business picture. In some cases, there are entrepreneurs who believe they are not getting the income that they deserve.

A consistent example of the battle between easy access for the consumer but easy losses for the businessman and woman is the digital music industry. Now, the industry is turning to a controversial figure in our country currently: the U.S. president-elect.

Members of the music industry banded together and wrote a formal letter of request to Donald Trump. They congratulated Trump on his nomination and reminded him of things he had said during his campaign related to copyright laws.

The letter encourages Trump to make strengthening and upholding copyright laws a priority during his upcoming presidency. The digital age provides various modes with which consumers can easily access music. Some members of the music community argue that the easy access has led to unethical purchases and payouts related to the music. 

Music is the industry's business. It is their art. Members who are fighting for fair pay feel that their work and creativity is essentially being stolen. Their work is not being rewarded as it should be. Laws, they hope, could help protect their intellectual property and rights as entrepreneurs

Last week, we introduced some basics of IP law. Copyrights are part of the law and exist to protect the exploitation of creative works. If there is an update related to the music industry's plea for stronger copyright laws, we will keep you informed. 

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