Business litigation filed against Sheeran, McGraw and Hill

Millions of music fans in California and beyond enjoy listening to the top-of-the-charts hits for which country music and pop music stars Ed Sheeran, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are known for performing. Although McGraw and Hill are mainly known for their country music songs, they recently released a hit that Sheeran wrote for them. The situation has led to business litigation whereupon two Australian songwriters claim Sheeran stole a song that already existed, which they wrote.

The Australian team is comprised of Sean Carey and Beau Golden. They have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Sheeran, McGraw, Hill, Sony Music Entertainment and several others listed as co-defendants. The team claims a hit they wrote called, "When I Found You," in 2014 has been copied (in some sections, verbatim) by Sheeran in the song McGraw and Hill released together, "The Rest of Our Life," in 2017.

 Singer Jasmine Rae helped write, "When I Found You" and also included the song on one of her albums, but she is not party to the current lawsuit. Carey and Golden, however, say they suspect her boyfriend, who also happens to work for Sony Music Entertainment, of providing Sheeran access to the song. Carey and Golden also claim Sheeran was touring Australia at the very same time Rae was soaring to the top of the charts with their hit song. Sheeran's song apparently includes structural chords, notes and melodies they believe were taken directly from their song.

Copyrights are protected under business and commercial law; however, it can be quite difficult to prove infringement has taken place. Such business litigation is often very stressful. This is why most California business owners ask experienced attorneys to fight their battles for them in court.

Source:, "Ed Sheeran, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Face Copyright Battle", Accessed on Jan. 16, 2018

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