Business litigation: Is Ford a diesel cheater? Court will decide

A lawsuit has been filed against Ford Motor Company. Since 2015, a long list of automakers, including Ford, have been accused of diesel cheating -- rigging vehicles to beat emissions tests. Ford owners in California may want to keep tabs on this business litigation case.

The current complaint against Ford Motor Company says that at least two of its top selling diesel pickup trucks are operating on highways throughout the nation at nitrogen oxide pollutant levels approximately 50 times higher than the legal limit. A Ford spokesperson adamantly stated that all Ford vehicles comply with Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board emissions regulations. The spokesperson further asserted that the company plans to aggressively defend itself against the current, baseless allegations.

The other side to this particular business litigation has an entirely different opinion. An attorney representing the plaintiff says the diesel trucks in question, which are marketed as super clean vehicles, should have been labeled super dirty instead. The attorney further asserted that Ford's diagnostic software shows both vehicles are in compliance with emissions regulations, although the real time performance of both trucks shows emissions that greatly exceed regulatory standards.

Ford is one of at least four other U.S. based auto manufacturers facing business litigation for diesel cheating. The current lawsuit asserts more than 50 consumer law violations against Ford and also accuses the company of racketeering and fraudulent advertising. In situations like this in California or beyond, a victory in court is far more likely for those who rely on experienced and aggressive legal representation.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Ford rigged diesel trucks to beat emissions tests, lawsuit alleges", Kartikay Mehrotra, Jan. 10, 2018

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