Business litigation often stems from employee strikes

The University of California was recently the scene of an employment protest when thousands of service workers went on strike. When employees and employers are unable to resolve contract disagreements, business litigation is often necessary to achieve fair solutions. This particular situation includes workers from the university's 10 different campuses.  The workers are represented by a local  union group from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Those striking include custodians, security officers and other university employees. The staged public protest was projected to last at least three days and represents approximately 25,000 workers in the system. Nearly 30,000 employees from the medical department of the university are reportedly scheduled to join the strike at some point to show solidarity with their service co-workers. 

If that happens, all the university's medical centers may be forced to halt their nonemergency services due to lack of available staff on hand. Local union reps say the workers are seeking a 20 percent pay raise over the next three years to compensate for inequality due to the university's frequent hiring of contract workers. Protesters recently donned matching shirts and carried signs that called for fairness, equality and respect.  

Business litigation is often the most viable option when workers and their employers reach a stalemate in negotiations. An experienced California business and commercial law attorney can use his or her skills to help parties find common ground and achieve a successful solution based on their shared goals. Anyone currently in need of such guidance may reach out for immediate legal support.  

Source:, "Thousands of California university workers strike for higher pay", Avery Anapol, May 7, 2018

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