Contract-related issues regarding California construction law

Many California homeowners will enter signed agreements with contractors this summer. Most will carefully review applicable construction law ahead of time to avoid trouble down the line. However, even if a particular party signing an agreement has done the research, any number of things can still go wrong to cause completion delays or legal disputes.

When a homeowner is having construction work done, it's always best to make sure there are no hidden costs and also to thoroughly discuss the scope of a proposed project as well as payment issues. Asking an experienced contract negotiator to review a prospective agreement before signing can draw attention to potential problems that may lead to major legal issues if left unresolved. Sometimes construction work gets done on time and everything appears to be fine until a homeowner finds defects or other problems with the work.

These are the types of situations that often lead to litigation if homeowners and contractors are unable to resolve their disputes on their own. This is where skilled support can really pay off. It's a lot less stressful to rely on experienced guidance and representation in court than to try to go it alone.

Molsby & Bordner, LLP, in California, understand the ins and outs of construction law and have represented clients on both sides of such issues. Whether you are a concerned homeowner or a contractor, our insight and experience in all aspects of construction litigation may be just what you need to obtain a favorable outcome. By requesting an initial consultation, you can take the first steps toward finding solutions and meeting your project goals.

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