Negotiation and litigation issues regarding construction law

Whether you're a California homeowner or contractor, you may currently be facing problematic issues related to a construction contract. Construction law can be quite complex, and when problems arise, it is critical to know where to seek legal support, as needed. It is also beneficial to have someone well versed in this area of law on hand to review a proposed contract before it is signed in order to protect your interests.

Precise, clear language is crucial toward successful contract relationships. If one or more parties do not clearly understand the terms contained in a contract, it can lead to serious legal problems down the line. This is why it is always a good idea to ask an experienced attorney to go over a contract with you before signing.

You may have had construction done on your home only to discover a defect or other problem with quality of work or because a contractor did not adhere to the terms of your contract. Your best bet is to turn to someone who has litigation experience to help you determine a best course of action. Many problems can be resolved out of court; however, it is always better to rely on someone who has court experience, in case litigation is needed.

Licensure and lien issues may also prompt a need for legal guidance. It is important to determine if there are grounds for filing a claim before taking action against a contractor or homeowner. Molsby & Bordner, LLP is fully prepared to seek the best strategy available to help California homeowners or contractors resolve construction law disputes in the swiftest, most economically feasible fashion possible.

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