Avoid business litigation by protecting trade secrets

Most California business owners understand the importance of trade secrets security. If a design, system, recipe or client list falls into the wrong hands, it can mean ultimate defeat in a competitive environment. While many business leaders understand that they need to protect their trade secrets, just as many are unsure how to do so. Business litigation often results when trade secret problems get out of hand.  

Trade secret protection can begin in the hiring process of a company. Asking new hires to sign nondisclosure agreements can help ensure that protected intellectual property and other valuable information will remain under wraps should that employee ever be fired or quit his or her position. Instituting a trade secrets protection quality assurance team can also help avoid breaches of contract and other trade secret problems.  

Trade secrets violations are often preventable by taking steps ahead of time to keep certain information safe from public access. Savvy business owners will want to make sure access to company electronic devices is highly restricted. Not every employee should have a particular password, for instance. In fact, if an employer claims a former worker has used unfair business practices involving trade secrets to gain a competitive advantage but has not taken prior steps to secure electronic devices within his or her company, the court may be hard-pressed to rule that a violation has occurred if the trade secrets in question were never secured in the first place. 

California business owners often enter litigation to resolve trade secret problems. Business litigation can sometimes be avoided by asking experienced business attorneys to review nondisclosure contracts or to assess a particular problem situation that has arisen. There may be several solution options available in a given situation, and an experienced attorney can help a concerned party determine which option is most viable. 

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