Monster Energy company involved in 2 business litigation cases

Monster Energy drinks are popular across the country. However, the company has been involved in business litigation; one claim recently ended in a victory for the energy drink mogul, while another was filed against the company by a celebrity surfer. The case that just ended was pending in a federal district court in California. Monster was awarded a $5 million jury verdict against Supply Network, LLC for trademark infringement. 

Supply Network manufactures hardware tools and accessories. Monster filed the trademark infringement claim after the other company named a new line of products, "Monster Mobile," and used a green and black color scheme in its marketing campaigns. Monster presented a list of trademark infringements to the court, and the jury agreed that Supply Network had infringed upon Monster Energy's trademark.

The $5 million jury award was for punitive damages. The case will now be reviewed by the court regarding equitable relief. The results of those reviews will affect the way Supply Network, LLC  does business in the future.

In the other business litigation case, a celebrity surfer sued Monster Energy, claiming that the company has failed to make good on a signed agreement for a three-year sponsorship. The plaintiff alleges that Monster Energy continued to use his name and likeness even though the company failed to honor the written contract between them. Any California business owner or resident facing trademark or breach of contract issues may request a meeting with an experienced business law attorney to help determine a best course of action to resolve his or her current legal problems.

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