California health insurer navigating business litigation

Nowadays, many health insurance companies get into legal skirmishes with medical providers. Business litigation is often necessary when disagreements arise regarding health plans and costs insurers should pay to belong to a particular network. One of the largest health insurers in California, Anthem Blue Cross, is currently at odds over contract issues with Sutter Health, a situation which is causing many enrollees much stress.

Sutter Health has approximately 5,000 physicians in its network, operating out of 24 hospitals in Northern California. If the two sides do not come to an agreement, patients may be forced to pay higher prices for out-of-network care. This possibility has caused great concern for a man and his wife, whose job as a university professor provides their Anthem Blue Cross plan.

The husband, who happens to be an attorney, said he logically assumed he would have access to the entire Sutter Health network when he decided to purchase Anthem Blue Cross insurance. He also stated that he is relieved that no one in his family is chronically ill at this time, which would make the situation even more stressful. A former senior executive for another health insurance mogul said reform is greatly needed in the industry because patients are typically the ones who suffer most when insurers and providers face disputes.

A California business litigation attorney is a great asset to have on hand when such problems arise as he or she can provide guidance and support to help negotiate fair and agreeable terms. A Sutter Health spokesperson said the company is aware that a timely agreement with Anthem Blue Cross is in the best interests of all involved. Anthem members may still use Sutter providers for the next six months. Readers who may be affected by the dispute may want to stay updated on the situation.

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