Business litigation: California firefighter files lawsuit

It is not uncommon for California employees and employers to encounter problems in their business relationships. Many times, such disagreements involve wage and hours issues or benefits, promotions and other work-related matters. A business litigation case was recently commenced when a firefighter decided to sue his employer for discrimination and breach of contract.

The plaintiff has been a member of the Oakland Fire Department for 27 years. As a team veteran, he was in line for a promotion and was dismayed to get a phone call from a battalion chief while he was on vacation. The chief told the captain that his superiors had decided to pass him over for the promotion because of a criminal conviction following an arson incident that involved his son.

The firefighter says his son was framed for setting a fire in a college gymnasium after getting into an argument with a coach. In a lawsuit, he states that he was the only African American male in line for the promotion and he believes his employers used his son's legal problems as an excuse for discrimination in the workplace. The legal claim also accuses department officials of breach of contract and retaliation.

Business litigation can take weeks or months to resolve. Court cases often progress more swiftly when plaintiffs rely on experienced business law attorneys. California law protects employees from racial discrimination, as well as any retaliation on the job. Employers also must adhere to the terms of their workers' contracts. Any worker facing a contract-related or discrimination problem may seek legal guidance and support to determine what options are available to rectify the situation.

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