False advertising claim has Taco Bell facing business litigation

Any business is at risk of having complaints filed by clients or customers. Unfortunately, some companies may not see those complaints easily resolved because parties choose to file lawsuits against them. As a result, companies may have to go through business litigation in order to have the predicament addressed.

California readers may be interested in a case involving Taco Bell and a disgruntled couple. Apparently, the couple had seen a commercial for Taco Bell's Chalupa Cravings box, and because the box of food was advertised as being $5, they decided to get two. The couple drove to a location and ordered two of the boxes, but rather than being $10 before taxes as they anticipated, the total came to $12.18. They asked about the price difference and learned that the location did not participate in the promotional pricing.

The couple decided to file a lawsuit against Taco Bell, claiming false advertising and misleading information. They are looking to obtain compensation for losses they sustained, including the $2.18 difference between the promotional price and the price they were charged, gasoline used to drive to the location and time wasted making the trip. A statement issued on behalf of Taco Bell indicated that the company intended to defend against the claims and assert that its advertisements are truthful.

Some companies may feel exasperated when having to defend against customer claims when those claims seem unnecessary. Still, they cannot ignore attempts at business litigation, and they need to address any lawsuits as effectively as possible. Working with their legal counsel can help California business owners understand how to address such matters.

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