How a skilled lawyer can help in your renovation project

As home values continue to increase in the Sacramento area, more people are turning to renovating their homes to cash in on the values that an updated kitchen or bathroom may bring on resale. While renovations may seem quick and easy thanks to the plethora of home renovation shows, a number of pitfalls await a naïve homeowner.

Of course there are potential issues involving the negotiation of prices, coordinating schedules for the project, determining the correct materials, and mitigating disputes. However, there are several steps a homeowner can take to reduce the potential for problems to result in lawsuits. One of them is having a renovation contract reviewed by an experienced attorney. This post will highlight a few of the things that a skilled lawyer can look for in helping you make an informed decision. 

Clarity of important dates – An attorney will ensure that commencement and completion dates are explicitly stated, and contingencies are carefully identified and explained so that both parties can be prepared to deal with unforeseen circumstances that may affect these dates.

Ensure agreement with materials – An attorney will also review the agreement to make certain that the materials identified in an initial proposal are clearly identified in the contract. It is not uncommon for an unauthorized substitution to make its way into a final contract.

Review payment terms – A lawyer will also confirm that the payment terms are acceptable to you, especially if you are uncertain of how progress payments will be processed or what documents will be required for proof of completion.

While these are a few of the tasks that an experienced real estate attorney can undertake, concerned homeowners may contact us for additional guidance and legal advice. 

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