How to protect your rights if real estate disputes arise

As a California property owner, any number of issues can arise that cause a legal concern. Real estate disputes can be quite stressful to resolve, especially if you are not fully aware of the regulations, building codes or state laws that may affect your situation. That's why it is critical to know where to seek legal support if you are facing a particularly difficult issue that you feel ill-equipped to handle on your own.

Disagreements are common between homeowners and homeowners association officials. Such issues often include accusations regarding mismanagement of funds or complaints over increased rates in dues or other fees. Carefully reviewing a contract before signing (especially the fine print) can be helpful in avoiding such problems down the line.

If you have signed a landlord/tenant agreement, you may run into problems regarding property transfers, conveyances or issues regarding building safety or needed repairs. Construction laws, deed restrictions and tax liens are also often problematic issues for property owners or renters in this state. The California Homeowner Bill of Rights protects homeowners' rights in many ways, especially regarding homeowners association issues. In fact, the state supreme court ruled that immediate recovery of attorneys' fees are to be paid when a borrower obtains injunctive relief.

If your daily life has been disrupted by real estate disputes, you can request a consultation with Molsby & Bordner, LLP. An experienced legal team may be able to help you avoid litigation. If it is unavoidable, it definitely pays to have an experienced attorney on your side in court.

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