Real estate disputes can get quite nasty

Real estate law is complex. Those interested in purchasing, selling, building or renovating real estate in California will want to make sure they seek clarification of any laws, regulations or building codes that may apply to their situations. While real estate disputes are not uncommon, they can be difficult to resolve, especially if property owners, selling agencies or builders try to handle problem situations on their own.

Any number of issues can spark a disagreement regarding real estate, such as property lines, easements or construction laws. Homeowners Association issues are also often a central focus of legal disagreements. The California Homeowner Bill of Rights became law in 2013. It ensures fair lending and borrowing practices for homeowners throughout the state.

Not every dispute involves homeowners, however. Landlords and tenants have also been known to lock horns when it comes to rent, living unit disrepair and other matters. If a tenant and landlord are unable to overcome their differences, it may be necessary to litigate the issues. Prospective restaurant or shop owners, too, often run into problems when town officials challenge their rights to build a new business in a particular area.

Real estate disputes can take weeks or months to resolve. It is understandable that a concerned homeowner, tenant or landlord would want to find the swiftest, most economically feasible path to a solution. Molsby & Bordner, LLP is fully equipped to address all aspects of real estate law and is ready to make solving your current legal problems our highest priority.

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