Community advocate says real estate disputes are finally over

A leader of San Francisco Bay Area Renters' Federation (SFBARF) recently commented on a heated debate that has made its way through the court system several times before finally being resolved. The spokeswoman said although the real estate disputes were unfortunate, it was worth it in the long-run because justice was served. In question during the lengthy process was whether a small business homebuilder should be able to build three new homes on a particular California street.

A judge hearing a closed session on a recent Monday ruled in favor of the project by directing the entry of a stipulated judgment that settled the case. The situation arose back in March 2016 when the Berkeley Zoning Adjustments Board approved a proposal to tear down an existing home and build three new ones in its place. Neighbors opposed the ruling, leading to several lawsuits and many hearings as both sides aired their differences in court.

The stipulations of the judge's final ruling include monies to be paid to SFBARF to cover legal fees. The amount is not to exceed $44,000. The spokeswoman commenting on behalf of the group said it was agreeing to the amount, which will not cover all their expenses, to avoid further litigation.

She further stated that SFBARF is pleased with the court's decision and glad the homebuilding project will be fulfilled. She also mentioned that small project builders are the answer to an existing housing crisis in California, and small business builders shouldn't have to go through litigation every time they bid on a project. Many homebuilders and other business owners ask attorneys to negotiate on their behalves to help them avoid lengthy real estate disputes like this one.

Source:, "After long legal dispute, Berkeley approves application to build 3 homes on Haskell Street", Tracey Taylor, Sept. 8, 2017

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