Are real estate disputes delaying your landscaping plans?

Many California homeowners enjoy making improvements on their property. If a neighbor or neighbors objects to a proposed improvement plan, perhaps claiming a new fence or line of trees would encroach over property lines or a shared road easement, etc., things can quickly escalate into bitter real estate disputes. When that happens, it may takes weeks or months to resolve the issues at hand.

Sometimes, it's possible to solve such problems over a cup of coffee and an amicable discussion. All too often, however, these types of issues get quite personal -- feelings get hurt and neighbors who used to get along turn into arch enemies overnight. In such circumstances, a concerned homeowner is wise to focus on options for timely and comprehensive solutions.

If the neighbor in question continues to claim that newly erected structures or landscaping encroaches over a property line or easement, it may be necessary to seek a court's intervention to solve the problem. If a property owner can prove that he or she rightfully owns the property where improvements are taking place and also that all new structures have been or will be erected within appropriate property lines, there is likely to be a successful outcome. Of course, if the homeowner is not able to prove his or her case, the court may rule in favor of the other party.

An experienced real estate law attorney can be a great asset when real estate disputes erupt between California neighbors. Most real estate attorneys are experienced negotiators who are well-versed in local and state laws, and can often help diffuse flaring tempers. By relying on such assistance, a homeowner may be able to achieve a compromise that satisfies the opposition and allows him or her to proceed with home improvement plans.

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