When real estate disputes impede progress and profit

Perhaps you're one of many California residents who are gearing up for their first ever home purchase. On the other hand, you may already own several commercial or private properties throughout the state. Either way, you no doubt understand that various challenges may arise before you seal a particular deal. It's no secret that real estate disputes can lead to serious economic loss; the sooner you resolve such problems, the better.

It's not uncommon for disagreements to arise when multiple parties negotiate or enter signed contracts. Any issue, from deed restrictions, property line assessments, transfers, conveyances or sales agreements can lead to conflicts that must be resolved in order to finalize a deal. Some problems occur post-contract, particularly if one party accuses another of failing to adhere to an agreement.

Whether you buy and sell real estate to earn a living or are taking your first steps as an entrepreneur who wishes to purchase, renovate and then re-sell properties, it's always a good idea to make sure you seek clarification of existing real estate laws before forging ahead. If a particular matter is called into question on either side of a deal, it helps to know how to quickly access legal support. In fact, the type of guidance you can greatly impact the type of outcome you achieve.

In California, Molsby & Bordner, LLP provides full support to clients facing real estate disputes. Our legal team has extensive experience in various aspects of real estate, including brokerage and sales. By requesting a meeting to discuss your current real estate problems, we can review your situation and help you determine the best course of action toward a positive solution.

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