Counter litigation filed in real estate disputes

A man in another state has canceled a proposed deal to sell the home he has owned for approximately 30 years. He was under contract with a building developer, who happens to already own several lots on the same street. The man had agreed to purchase the home for $700,000. Those dealing with real estate disputes in California may want to follow this case.

Not only has the seller backed out on the agreement, he has accused agents working on behalf of the developer of physical assault, stalking and other acts of intimidation. The homeowner contends that the contract terms included a provision that allowed him to change his mind on the sale. The buyer has apparently been paying the man $1,000 per month for more than a year and recently let him know that he is now ready to take over the title.  

The seller has filed a claim against the developer, who has also filed a claim against the seller. The buyer is asking for $4 million in damages. The seller says he is an alcoholic whose disease impedes his ability to comprehend things and make clear, informed decisions. He also said he believes his home is worth more than what the buyer was prepared to pay.  

A reassessment of the home was done and did indeed state the value of the home somewhat higher than the agreed upon price. The court will now determine which party, if either, acted unlawfully. Real estate disputes like this one are often complicated situations. The terms of a contract are key factors that help a court make a decision. An experienced California real estate attorney can protect a client's rights in this state and help overcome any obstacles that arise in court.  

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