Real estate disputes: City officials versus property owners

Anyone who signs commercial or residential property agreements in California will want to make sure all parties involved clearly understand the terms of their contracts. Real estate disputes often arise when one or more parties fail to adhere to agreed-upon terms. A situation unfolding in another state is an example of what can happen when such disputes occur.  

This particular situation involves multiple property owners and city officials. The property owners were apparently under the impression that the city had given them rights to redevelop the section of land that stretches several blocks and currently houses various businesses, including an auto body shop. The owner of that business has taking the lead in a legal claim filed on behalf of the group of property owners against the city, stating that their due process rights have been violated.  

The business owner said he planned to build a residential dwelling on his property but cannot do so now because of certain actions the city has taken. City officials have reportedly asked the planning board to change the terms of the 2006 policy that allowed property owners to redevelop their own land. Changes would make it easier for the city to acquire the land through eminent domain, which is what the plaintiffs say they suspect the city will do, then giving redevelopment rights to another company.  

The court has been asked to intervene in these real estate disputes between property owners and city officials. California residents experiencing similar problems may also reach out for legal support. In fact, this is often the best way to obtain swift and fair solutions in such situations. 

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