Divorce may cause some back-to-school complications

Co-parents who work as a team can keep stress levels low. It almost goes without saying that parental conflict causes kids stress. When California parents divorce during their children's summer break from school, the return to the classroom may spark a few challenges.

One of the easiest ways to avoid back-to-school disputes between co-parents is to discuss important issues ahead of time. For instance, did the divorce change the children's means of transportation to school? In fact, some divorces result in kids attending new schools altogether, which brings challenges of its own.

Parents can inform teachers of any needed information, such as if they are going to take turns picking up the kids at school or attending parent/teacher conferences. It is also wise to talk to children at length, especially because they often feel confused by divorce and sometimes think it is their fault. In addition to informing faculty members about divorce and letting kids know they are not to blame, back-to-school finances are another issue that will likely need to be resolved.

Which parent will pay activity fees or purchase school supplies? What about field trips and other extra expenses that pop up throughout the typical school year? Financial issues pertaining to school can be incorporated into a co-parenting agreement to avoid problems. If a California parent is unable to peacefully settle a particular divorce issue, he or she can consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible because letting such issues linger can wind up making matters worse.

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