Know where to seek support for complex property division issues

Getting divorced is stressful. If two California spouses get along fairly well and are both merely looking to end their marriage peacefully and move on, the process might be swift and relatively painless. If, on the other hand, serious problems arise such as hiding assets during complex property division proceedings, it is critical to know where to seek support. Knowing where to look for hidden assets as well as what to do about such as scheme can be challenging, and it is best to rely on help from someone well-versed in such issues.

The court does not look favorably on any spouse who tries to hide assets in divorce. In fact, it is illegal. It is not uncommon, however, especially in high-net worth cases. There are typically three or four basic schemes that spouses use to try to keep assets from going to the other spouse. A good place to start to uncover a hidden asset scheme is to review recent tax forms to check if there has been an overpayment or to discover evidence of other assets.

Some spouses literally stash piles of cash in various hiding places. Others give money to a relative or friend and claim they are paying back a loan. The third party then agrees to hold the money until the court has finalized the divorce.

If it's apparent that one party is not playing by the rules, especially regarding complex property division proceedings, the other party can seek support to investigate the situation. An experienced California family law attorney can help with such matters. An attorney can also take formal action to bring a hidden asset problem to the court's attention.

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