Spears and Federline back in the news regarding visitation issues

Britney Spears has a lot of fans in California and throughout the country. Many of them have followed news updates regarding problems in her personal life, including family law issues, conservator issues and, even, mental health problems. Such fans may be glad to learn that Spears and her ex, Kevin Federline, have modified their child custody agreement to include unsupervised visits for Spears. Any parent in this state who has encountered visitation challenges may want to read more about this case.

Federline has been hesitant to increase Spears' visitation with their two sons, ages 12 and 13. Many people believe his reluctance stems from Spears' past mental health problems. However, the two recently filed a petition in court after agreeing to a 70/30 split of parental time spent with their boys. An attorney can also remain on hand to represent a concerned parent in case any modifications are needed down the line.

Federline will be spending the majority of the time with his kids. The former couple reportedly used to share a 50/50 custody split but are said to have veered away from that to try out the new plan. When they saw how well it was working, they decided to seek court approval.

The family law issues that Federline and Spears have resolved are not uncommon. Many California parents are currently facing similar visitation issues. It's always a good idea to ask an experienced attorney to review a prospective custody agreement before filing a formal petition in court. An attorney can make sure the proposed plan protects a client's rights and keeps children's best interests in mind.

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