Sons of Larry King have urged their dad to divorce

Celebrity interviewer Larry King has enjoyed a long, successful career and is a well-known talk show host in most California households and throughout the United States. King's recent health problems, as well as past and present marital issues are often the topic of headline news as well. His two sons, ages 19 and 20, reportedly have convinced their dad to file for divorce from their own mother.

King has been married to his seventh wife for more than 20 years. Some years ago, he filed for divorce but the couple wound up reconciling instead of going their separate ways. During a recent hospital stay, however, King's wife is said to have asked him to sign legal documents that would give her certain property rights. His sons were reportedly upset because their own inheritance would be adversely affected by the proposed agreement.

As may often be the case between adult children and parents, King's sons supposedly urged their father to divorce and he has taken their advice. In addition to inheritance issues, the Kings' marriage may have been plagued by repeated infidelity. These two issues, property rights and marital fidelity, are common factors in many California divorces.

A California family law attorney is well-versed in community property laws. Anyone considering filing for divorce will want to discuss his or her particular situation with an experienced legal advocate. Doing so can help a concerned spouse protect his or her rights and financial interests, as well as the bests interests of his or her children, no matter what their ages happen to be when proceedings take place.

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