Is there such thing as a happy divorce?

Most California spouses who decide to sever their marital ties would agree that it is a life-changing experience that is not particularly easy to navigate. Especially when children are involved, divorce can be emotionally upsetting, financially challenging and, in some cases, legally complex. However, when a concerned parent knows where to seek support and sets goals that keep children's best interests in mind, it is often possible to part ways without contention.

Many people misguidedly believe that filing for divorce means there is likely to be a long, drawn out court battle ahead. On the contrary, quite the opposite is often true for those who wish to resolve issues as swiftly and painlessly as possible so they and their children can leave the past behind and move on in life. In fact, some couples never even step foot inside a courtroom when they divorce.

A former couple in another state said they were determined to end their marriage as friends. They had been best friends before tying the knot and saw no reason why filing for divorce should end their friendship, especially because they have a son together. The two parents worked out a plan that they believe is best for their child. They have both remarried and their new partners take active roles in helping them raise their son.

This particular former married couple has written a book to tell people more about collaborative law divorce, which is the option they chose to avoid confrontation and achieve a peaceful settlement that focused on their child's best interests. There may be California spouses who have similar goals but not every couple can settle their divorce-related differences without litigation. Either way, it is a good idea to rely on experienced legal representation to help one accomplish settlement goals.

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