Keep the happy in Happy Holidays rectifying child custody issues

When you divorced,  you knew you and your children would face your share of challenges as you adapt to a new lifestyle. You were pleased when summer went well; you may even have enjoyed a small vacation at a California beach or some other trendy location. The next obstacle you overcame was the start of a new school year. Now, you're gearing up for your first post-divorce holiday season, and certain child custody issues have you worried.

Negotiating a new parenting plan went a lot better than you'd expected. One of the things that led to your divorce may have been a lack of communication or at least the inability to communicate amicably. That's why when your former spouse agreed to all the terms in your proposed parenting plan, you considered it a major breaththrough and were hopeful you'd be able to get along for the children's sake, moving forward toward the future.

When your former spouse recently called you to say he or she had a change of heart and wanted to spend Thanksgiving with the kids, you got a pit in your stomach. After all, you have an existing court order that specifies that your children are to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with you, and Easter and Independence Day with their other parent. You politely reminded your former significant other about that, but the response was less than friendly.

It's typically best to nip child custody problems like this one in the bud, rather than be smack dab in the middle of a holiday celebration only to have someone knocking on the door, asking your kids to go somewhere else. One of the first things you can do is review your current parenting plan with an experienced family law attorney to make sure you clearly understand its terms. At Molsby & Bordner, LLP , in California, we are fully prepared to help you overcome  your child-related, post-divorce problems, so you can direct your focus on preparing for a joyful holiday season.

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