What to do when parenting plans aren't working out as planned

Helping children adapt to a new lifestyle after their parents' divorce is often quite challenging in many ways. While there is information based on common experiences from families throughout California and the nation who have navigated the process in the past, a particular family's needs and goals are always unique; so, existing information can be helpful but may not fully resolve a specific problem that arises. When the court issues or approves new parenting plans, it may not work out as all involved expected, especially if one of the parents is not adhering to the court order.

Many divorced parents disagree over child custody, visitation and child support. If your relationship with your former spouse is amicable, you may have successfully negotiated an arrangement without much trouble. For some, discussing and making decisions regarding where children will live, how often they will see a noncustodial parent or whether child support should be paid may cause tempers to flare and situations to develop that delay court proceedings.

Perhaps the problem is that things were going well, then your former spouse became uncooperative. Maybe your children were left waiting on several occasions because the other parent never showed up for a scheduled visitation, or child support payments failed to arrive in the mail. You may want to address the matter with an experienced family law attorney who can provide representation and support as you seek to resolve the issue.

Molsby & Bordner, LLP, is fully prepared to advocate or litigate for any California resident facing legal problems regarding post divorce parenting plans. Whether you seek assistance to mediate an unresolved issue or think litigation is necessary to get results, our experienced team is committed to acting on your behalf in the pursuit of obtaining a fair and agreeable a solution. Your children's best interests are a high priority, and we are ready to help you get things back on track.

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