Age when entering marriage may impact likelihood of divorce

It is no secret that many California marriages, like others throughout the nation, will not last the lifetimes of those involved. Divorce rates are extremely high, and there are apparently several factors that suggest a propensity toward marital dissolution. If a particular couple experiences one or more issues on the list, it might be a sign that trouble lies ahead.

One of the major red flags that may mean a marriage is more likely to end in divorce is the age of the bride and groom at the time the wedding takes place. Studies show that people who get married when they are older tend to have unions that last the longest. Additionally, how far each spouse went in school also seems to matter.

Women with four-year, post-secondary degrees tend to stay married until death do they part. The same cannot be said for their high-school graduate counterparts. If a high school diploma is the highest form of education a person received, chances are he or she is more prone to divorce.

In addition to these issues, one of the greatest common factors among those who divorce is contempt. Couples who are always bickering, rolling their eyes or otherwise acting mean or resentful toward the other may be more likely to head for divorce court than others. If this happens, it is important to know where to seek support. For those who live in California, a good place to start is to discuss one's situation with an experienced family law attorney.

Source: CNN, "5 factors that may predict divorce, according to psychology", Drake Baer, Nov. 6, 2017

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