Jennifer Hudson makes accusations in child custody battle

An attorney representing former professional wrestler and reality TV star David Otunga said his client is not worried about the allegations Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson has made against him. The two were formerly engaged to be married. They are now engaged in a child custody battle over their son. There may be California parents facing similar situations.

Hudson and Otunga never it made it to the altar and each apparently thinks himself or herself the better choice as a primary caregiver of their child. Up to this point, it is the child's father who has reportedly served in this capacity as his mother often travels for her work as an actress. Hudson recently filed for a protective order against Otunga.

Otunga's attorney said his client is eagerly awaiting his day in court and is confident the judge will grant him primary custody of his son. He also stated that the child's father had been sincere in his hope to negotiate a fair and agreeable parenting arrangement. That may no longer be possible since Hudson appears to have a different strategy in mind.

When parents fight over child custody in court, a judge listens to evidence from both sides and takes many factors into consideration according to state law and any set guidelines that may already be in place. If there are extenuating circumstances that suggest a particular parent's influence may be detrimental to a child, it is possible that sole physical custody may be granted to the other parent. Because such situations are often highly emotionally charged and complicated, many California parents ask experienced family law attorneys to represent them in court.

Source: US, "Jennifer Hudson's Ex David Otunga to Fight for Primary Custody Post-Split", Nov. 17, 2017

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