Facing problems with post divorce parenting plans in California?

Sometimes, it helps to reach out for support from a trusted confidant, perhaps a friend, work colleague or family member, when trying to adapt to a new lifestyle after divorce. However, there are certain topics that may feel a bit too new or too private to share although you might still feel a need to seek assistance in some way. For instance, if you have an existing court order and are experiencing problems where your parenting plans are concerned, it may help to speak to someone who has gone to bat for other California parents in similar situations.

Child-related issues often evoke strong emotions on both sides in divorce. The good thing is that most experienced family law attorneys are also highly skilled negotiators. You can turn to an attorney for help if you are unable to resolve a legal problem related to parenting.

The court typically tries to keep children's best interests as the central focus of parenting plan decisions. If your former spouse agreed to a particular plan but has not adhered to the court's decision since then, you have every right to seek recourse by returning to court, if necessary. Parenting plans can be changed if needed; however, doing so also requires a trip to court.

Molsby & Bordner, LLP, in California is fully prepared to act on your behalf in all situations pertaining to parenting plans or other post divorce issues. By exploring all options available and helping you choose the one most viable to your circumstances, we can help you overcome any obstacles that arise and get things back. This way, you can move past your divorce and onto a new, successful future. If you would like to discuss a specific problem, you may request a meeting by using the contact form located on our website.

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