Child custody often a challenging aspect of California divorce

California parents are like most others in that their central focus in life is the overall well-being of their children. Significant responsibilities and obligations go hand-in-hand with parenting. That's why divorces involving parents can be especially challenging, particularly if spouses disagree on child custody issues.

A detailed parenting plan must be completed when two spouses who have children together decide to divorce. Each parent is given an opportunity to voice an opinion, while the court remains the ultimate voice of authority in all child-related matters. Sometimes, parents are able to negotiate fair and agreeable terms outside a courtroom, then simply seek the court's approval of their proposed plan.

On the other hand, litigation is sometimes necessary to resolve disputes that arise if one parent interprets what is best for said children differently than the other. Perhaps you believe your children would fare best following your divorce if they live with you full time. If your former spouse objects to that idea, you may need to address those issues in court.

Molsby & Bordner, LLP, in California, provides counsel and support to any parent facing divorce problems concerning child custody, visitation, child support or other parenting issues. Protecting your rights and your children's best interests are our highest priorities. We can also assist you if you already have an existing court order to which your former spouse refuses to adhere; this is definitely a matter that can be brought to the immediate attention of the court, and our legal team is fully prepared to do so on your behalf.

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