Complicated child custody case leads to several arrests

In California and elsewhere, child custody is sometimes a hot button issue. Two parents in another state are currently involved in an extremely stressful child custody battle. The mother of one of the parents is also involved.

A toddler was reported missing by his mother when she called police and said her former boyfriend, the father of the child, took the boy and did not inform her where he was going. She also told police that she suspected the man went to a particular residence. Officers were dispatched to investigate the situation and search for the child.

Police conducted a search  but were not able to locate the man or the child. The following day, a home invasion was reported at the very same residence where the police had been looking for the child and his father. When police arrived, they claimed to have found the child's mother and grandmother inside the home. Authorities say they believe the woman shattered a window to gain entry to the house.

Police later located the man and asserted that he had stolen the car the two women had used to drive to the house. The child was also located and transferred to the custody of Child Protective Services. All three adults were arrested and now face various criminal charges. Child custody situations that involve complex circumstances like those in this case are often the most stressful; however, when a California parent turns to an experienced family law attorney for support, the chances of resolving the situation often increase.

Source:, "Police & Fire: Three arrested in child custody dispute", Trace Christenson, March 7, 2018

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