Divorce problems: Are your children being alienated from you?

Most California parents want what is best for their children. Even when married couples divorce, they often try their best to make their children's best interests the central focus of proceedings, especially concerning custody, visitation and support issues. If you had every intention of doing so but your co-parent is making it impossible to peacefully live out a parenting plan agreement, it's understandable that you may feel frustrated and at a loss as to where to seek support.  

Parental alienation syndrome occurs when a parent intentionally attempts to turn his or her children away from the other parent. It often happens when a non-custodial parent is trying to take revenge against a custodial parent. Knowing how to recognize signs of PAS (which is a medical diagnosis) may help you take action against it.  

If your co-parent often makes negative comments about you within earshot of your kids, it may be intentional. Such behavior is often passive-aggressive because, although the parent is not speaking directly to his or her children, comments are being made on purpose so that they can hear them. False accusations of abuse or refusing to interact with a parent while at the same time telling children it's because the other parent is always angry or argumentative are other common signs of PAS.  

At Molsby & Bordner, LLP, in California, our experienced legal team is prepared to act on your behalf to protect your parental rights and your children's best interests. If your parent/child relationships are being threatened by parental alienation syndrome, we can help determine a best course of action to rectify the situation. By taking advantage of the support resources available to you, you may be able to resolve your current divorce problems and get your family's life back on track. 

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