Some child custody situations more complicated than others

Not every child-related family law situation in California is easily resolvable. In some situations, for instance, where biological parents were never married or complex circumstances exist, such as those involving allegations of abuse, the court may have to take numerous factors under consideration before making child custody rulings. An ongoing situation in another state is an example of a case that includes several troubling, extenuating circumstances.  

There are three young children currently in the custody of the state because of serious problems in their home. Prior to becoming wards of the state, the children lived with their biological parents, who are not married. Sadly, the children's mother was reported missing more than four months ago and has not yet been found.  

The children's father is currently incarcerated and is facing charges of resisting arrest and several counts of child abuse. He has petitioned the court for custody of his children. The judge overseeing the case ruled that the man is a danger to his children; therefore, at this time, since their mother's whereabouts are unknown, they are to remain in the state's care.  

While most child custody situations in California do not involve missing or incarcerated parents, thankfully, many cases do include allegations of physical or substance abuse, or other issues where one parent accuses the other of being unfit. The court is the ultimate voice of authority in all custody disputes. A concerned parent who acts alongside experienced legal representation stands a better chance of obtaining a favorable outcome.  

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