Judge might retire before child custody case is resolved

When California parents disagree about child-related issues, it often leads to litigation. Especially in child custody situations where one of the parents refuses to adhere to an existing court order, the court's intervention may be necessary to resolve the issue. A judge in another state has been overseeing a highly contentious case and is currently considering reassigning the case to another judge before she steps down.  

The judge also expressed frustration that the case has been delayed for almost a year. During that time, she has ordered the father of the 4-year-old child in question to return to the state of jurisdiction multiple times, but he has refused to do so. The child's mother was prohibited from seeing her son at one time due to substance abuse problems, but the court recently lifted the restriction.  

The judge issued a warrant for the father's arrest. However, the father has stated that his son is currently receiving mental health care and moving him to another state at this time would be a detriment to his well-being. At this time, the father is facing both criminal and civil contempt charges.  

Officials are reportedly planning to transport the man and his son by way of a private prisoner transport system once an arrest has taken place. The arrest warrant was issued after the father had failed to adhere to six previous child custody orders to return the child to Illinois. For California parents who are trying to resolve similar post-divorce problems, immediate legal support is available.

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