Woman blows up her wedding dress after divorce

There is no one way to come to terms with a marriage falling apart. Such situations often lead to divorce, and every California couple handles their circumstances in their own way. A woman in another state decided she wanted to celebrate the ending of her marriage, so she invited her family and friends to join her for a party at her father's farm; she also blew up her wedding dress.  

The woman said she wanted to do something big that would signify her relief that her unhappy marriage was finally over. Most agree that she indeed finalized her divorce in a big way. During the party, she set her wedding gown out in a field, 200 yards from where she stood, and laden the gown with high-powered explosives; then, she shot it.

An enormous fireball erupted when the bullet hit the target. People approximately 15 miles away later reported feeling the ground quake when the dress was blown to bits. The woman said she breathed a great sigh of relief as she watched the flames and was glad that her father and brothers had suggested the idea.  

Not every California spouse will host a party or blow up his or her wedding garments in order to finalize a divorce. In the past, however, many spouses have said they felt relieved when proceedings were over, especially those who were entangled in contentious situations. Most people who are able to avoid such problems credit their positive outcomes to the support they received from experienced family law attorneys.

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