Grandmother weighs in on Kardashian/Chyna child custody case

It is not uncommon for California parents to turn to extended family members for support when disagreements arise regarding visitation, support or other child-related issues. What is perhaps not so common, however, is for a  grandparent to side with the co-parent that is not his or her son or daughter. That appears to be the case for Hollywood star, Blac Chyna, as she and Rob Kardashian continue to hash out legal issues pertaining to child custody and other issues.

Chyna and Kardashian have a 2-year-old daughter. Chyna also has a son from a different relationship. Chyna's mother has publicly stated that she believes her daughter has some serious problems that are currently making her an unfit parent. The children's grandmother says she believes both kids would be better off if Kardashian were granted at least temporary custody.

There seems to be some bad blood between Chyna and her mom, as the grandmother also lamented that her daughter has not allowed her to see or even correspond with her grandchildren. Kardashian and Chyna litigated a child support dispute in the recent past, when Kardashian told the court he was not longer able to afford paying $20,000 per month to provide for his daughter's needs. Chyna reportedly made disparaging remarks against Kardashian, as well as the father of her son; she claims both men have failed in their parental duties to financially provide for their children.

It would be understandably upsetting if the parent of an adult child testified in court on behalf of the other co-parent. However, such things happen on occasion and any California parent currently facing child custody problems like this can seek immediate support from an experienced family law attorney. Judges may allow character witnesses to testify under oath when a question of whether a parent is unfit has been placed before the court for a decision.

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