Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel seeks sole child custody

There are currently parents in California who are preparing for divorce. Many of them are at odds with their soon-to-be exes regarding child custody issues. Litigation may be needed in some cases where peaceful negotiation has proved unsuccessful. Court proceedings can be quite complex, especially if one parent accuses the other of being a detriment to the child or children in question.

Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel is currently going through a similar situation. She has petitioned the court for sole custody of her daughter. Her reasons for doing so, she says, include assertions that her ex, Jason Hoppy, is abusive.

Hoppy has admitted that he has done some very unkind things to Frankel in the past, for which he has apologized. He says, however, that he is in no way a detriment to his daughter's well-being. Hoppy has also issued counter-accusations against Frankel, saying he believes she has placed his daughter in dangerous situations in the past, including exposing her to an unsavory lifestyle in conjunction with a past relationship she had with now-deceased boyfriend, Dennis Shields, who died of drug overdose.

When California judges hear cases that include accusations between parents, their main concern is what is best for the child or children involved. To determine this, extensive investigation is often necessary. Parents who are trying to win the court's favor in child custody proceedings do well to act alongside experienced legal representation in court. An attorney understands the types of the factors most judges will consider when making decisions regarding children's best interests and can act on behalf of a concerned parent to protect his or her rights.

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