Book author says divorce typically occurs for 2 reasons

Before 2019 ends, many people in California and elsewhere will decide to divorce. In some situations, a spouse might file for an uncontested divorce. Other cases are more complicated, which may lead to litigation. Regardless of the details of a particular couple's history, it pays to know where to seek support to help make a marital breakup as painless as possible.

Protecting one's interests in divorce is a lot easier if the spouse in question knows exactly what he or she wants, as well as what he or she (and any children involved) might need moving forward. The author of a book on marital relationships stated that most marriages end for two reasons -- either a spouse does not know what he or she wants or cannot adequately express it. Whether there is truth to this conjecture is debatable, though knowing what one wants and being able to express it can help a spouse obtain a beneficial divorce settlement. 

Many people who file for divorce say they felt misunderstood or unappreciated during their marriage. Some couples have been able to restore their relationships by improving their communication skills. It often helps for each spouse to verbally define marriage, as well as what his or her personal expectations are regarding the relationship and the partner's role in it.

A California family law attorney can help a client clearly articulate his or her needs in court. This is especially true regarding high priority issues in divorce, including property division and child custody. Whereas a spouse may not always understand how certain factors may affect a prospective settlement, an attorney can provide information and guidance to help make sure a client achieves has what is needed financially given his or her particular circumstances.

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